Birth of a Trainer

As a professional in the horse industry, if you’re lucky enough to be asked by Cindy Mugnier to hire an intern for the summer, you are flattered.

When your summer intern returns as a full time assistant, you’ve hit the jackpot. As you watch that assistant learn, grow and become an integral part of your operation, you know she has turned the corner and is deserving of the title of TRAINER.

We are honored to have our assistant trainer, Melissa Swain, join Kurt and myself as a TRAINER here at Cottonwood Creek Ranch.

We’re not sure of the exact moment she crossed that threshold. Was is that she has gained the knowledge and confidence to continually brings her own ideas to our discussions, or that we Melissa Swainbounce our ideas off her as well? Is it her inherent ability to be a solution finder, a creative thinker and a road block mover? Her vast understanding of the people and the horses we care for? The effective teaching skills she has amassed over the last five years? Yes, it’s all of that and her honesty, integrity, loyalty, respect, work ethic and dependability. She is all of these things, yet has remained humble enough to know no truly great horseman (or professionals in any industry) ever stop learning. Melissa knows and believes in the business and barn family we have built and she deserves a title that is on par with the cornerstone role she plays for our operation.

Melissa Swain, we are proud to call you TRAINER because you are.