Introductory Training Special

Send us your prospects or sale horses while we’ve got stalls to fill and take advantage of our 3-Month Introductory Training Special! Just $700/month for the first three months, and at the rate we’ve been selling horses, you may not get to Month Four!

We’ve nearly sold out of our stock for sale and still have calls coming in for amateur and junior exhibitor horses and exciting show prospects. Cottonwood Creek Ranch offers world class training in every discipline with a steady stream of shoppers coming through our new Oklahoma City location. Send us your Morgan, your Saddlebred or your fancy pony and we’ll do our best to present and market it to our active audience.

Don’t wait—contact us now using the handy form below or give us a call at 405-471-4031 and let’s get this party started!

Help us stock up!

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