Show our lesson horses some LOVE!

While the COVID-19 pandemic ravages the country and many businesses shut down, the equine industry is unique in that we have living, breathing beings in our care that require an outlay of labor, feed, hay, veterinary assistance, farrier care and more. Some of our industry friends will not survive this pandemic. We hope we are not one of them. Our horses in training or on boarding with owners are “sponsored” and of course are safely being managed.

But our many wonderful lesson horses are now on vacation, and there is no unemployment office for these priceless ponies!

We have set up a very special portal to allow our friends, family and lesson program participants to help us to insure that we can properly care for every single one of our precious lesson horses. No gift is too small, and all funds will be earmarked solely for the purpose of sustaining our lesson horses.

Best of all, our wonderful friend and client, KIM OPLOTNIK, who also happens to be the Associate Editor of The Morgan Horse magazine, has offered to provide a 15 minute photo shoot with 20 high resolution photos to anyone who sponsors one of our lesson horses! The shoot may include your sponsored horse and family if you wish.

We hope to survive to open our doors to the public again and welcome back our much appreciated and loved lesson family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your contributions, and we can’t wait to see you back at the Ranch!